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  • 40 years of experience on Microwave Research & Development as well as on Microwave Manufacturing within my career

Willibald Konrath - TESAT Spacecom GmbH - Backnang

Willibald Konrath was born in Niedersohren/Germany in April 1958. He received the Diplom degree in electrical engineering at the University of Applied Siences in Koblenz, Germany, in 1981.

During his studies he worked on high power amplifiers in the VHF frequency range.

In September 1981 he joined AEG Telefunken AG (later Bosch Telecom, Marconi Communications GmbH and Ericsson GmbH). There he worked in the testing area of manufacturing of Radio Link Systems and subcircuits. In 1983 he joined the Microwave Oscillators Lab., a department of Radio Relay Systems Product Group. His main area of research has been the development of microwave oscillators, sampling phase detectors as well as complete PLL-VCO-modules for digital radio systems. Special oscillator requirements for digital transmission have been a focal point of interest.

1991 he received  the Award of The EuMC Microwave Prize for his work “Fully Integrated 18-20 GHz Phaselocked DRO Signal Source For Digital Radio Systems Using Chip And Wire Technology“ at the European Microwave Conference.

Since 1993 he developed complete hybrid microwave transceivers and gallium arsenide VCO-MMICs in the 18-26GHz frequency range. In 1996 he started to realize the vision of planar ring resonators as replacement for DROs in digital radio systems together with Dr. Martin Schallner.

For their related publication with the title "Fully Automatic Laser-Adjustable Planar Ring Resonators as Replacement for Dielectric Resonators" both received the MIOP Microwave Prize in 2001.

For their innovative research & development work on this field both received the EEEfCOM Innovation Prize within the section large industry in 2002.  

Currently Willibald Konrath works in the "Automated Microwave Factory" team which develops sophisticated assembly & test processes for microwave hybrids on highly automated inline assembly robots. TESAT offers this "Microwave Hybrid Manufacturing Services" to external customers since 01.01.2009. By May of 2021 the factory production counter exceeded 100.000 microwave hybrids.

From 1st of October 2021 Willibald Konrath will be a private individual enjoying life riding his E-bike.

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